Kinetic Recovery + Mountains of Misery Training

I have two weeks worth of training to recap so I'll try to keep it short(ish) and sweet! The last couple of weeks have been pretty blah - I'm not sure what's up with me, but I just haven't felt like myself. Other than long bike rides - including the hardest one I have ever done in my life, by far - my training in the two weeks since Kinetic has backed way off. I don't know if it was the post-race blues or that I've been overwhelmed with other stuff going on, but I've only managed to get in maybe half of my planned workouts. This is really unlike me and has me feeling a bit off and not like myself, but just having finished a big race (recovery!) and having another one right after (rest!), I've had plenty of reasons, valid or not, to back off a bit. This week was also my last week before I move on to Ironman training, another excuse to my last week to cut myself some slack. I had some things I needed to get done and take care of that wouldn't have been possible if I were in hardcore training mode, so excuses or not, I'm at least thankful for the flexibility.

    Kinetic Half Iron Distance Triathlon Recap

    This was my third half ironman, and it could not have been more different from my previous two (Beach2Battleship 2015 and Ironman Atlantic City 70.3 2016). The others were in later summer/early fall while Kinetic was late spring; the weather was mild-to-hot and sunny for the others, while Kinetic was cold, cloudy, and sometimes rainy; the others were on very flat, fast courses, while this Kinetic was on rolling hills; oh and I was well-trained for the other two, while I was trained enough as I needed to be to get through Kinetic (but not enough to feel super confident).

    Kinetic Half Ironman Training: Race Week

    I enjoyed a fairly easy last week of training this week leading up to race day! I made it to all three of my YTri workouts this week (the first time I've done that in...a while), and I kicked off tri season in a big way this weekend with my third half ironman! Race day didn't go as well as I had hoped, but I'm proud to have gotten through it!

    Kinetic Half Ironman Race Plan

    Two years ago next month - which feels so long ago I did the math three times - I started training for my first half Ironman. After a couple years of sprint and Olympic triathlons, I felt ready to take the leap to a 70.3, but scared out of my mind at the same time! The weekend before my training plan kicked off, I went to Wanderlust and was fortunate enough to take a class with Sage Rountree. I had heard of Sage previously (I purchased her Yoga for Runners book around the time I ran my first half marathon), but after taking a class with her I found out she is actually an endurance sports coach and Ironman triathlete. At the end of my half Ironman training that summer after I took her class, I started reading Racing Wisely, a comprehensive deep dive into racing, from choosing the right race to what to do after you cross the finish line. The information and thought exercises in the book really helped put me at ease during those last few weeks before my biggest endurance race ever, and I particularly liked the idea of developing a race plan (the Race Week Worksheet available fo free in PFD format on her website). This worksheet breaks down all of the key components of race day, mental and physical, to hopefully ensure preparedness for any situation that might arise. The best thing about making a plan like this is that it's completely customizable and adaptable to any race at any distance - I really can't recommend it enough all athletes gearing up for a goal race, regardless of what that goal is. 

    Although I've thought about it many times, I haven't actually written out a race plan since I first made one for my first 70.3, Beach2Battleship in October 2015. There are some components I've chosen not to write out this time, like nutrition and gear (just for the sake of anyone reading), but given that it was such a beneficial exercise for me the first time, I wanted to revisit the idea of a race plan as I gear up for my 3rd half Ironman this weekend!

    Kinetic Half Ironman Training: ONE WEEK Out!

    This was my last full week of training before race week! I wasn't sure exactly how to handle this week, since I haven't been training specifically for this race very long. I wasn't sure the training I've done really warranted a taper, but I also didn't want to do too much before race day. To be honest, I didn't have a solid plan for my training this week, but the Universe kind of stepped in a dictated how much training I did and when, and I think it worked out for the most part.

    Kinetic Half Ironman Training: 2 Weeks Out

    Another week of rocking and rolling! This week went much more smoothly than last week - no race blow-ups, no broken bikes, etc. Thank goodness!