Kinetic Half Ironman Training: 2 Weeks Out

Another week of rocking and rolling! This week went much more smoothly than last week - no race blow-ups, no broken bikes, etc. Thank goodness!

Rest Day
This was the first full rest day (no workouts, not even running a mile with Bane) I've taken since March 29 - over 4.5 weeks ago. It felt good! I haven't been doing a lot of yoga lately even though I need it, so after seeing it recommended for the hundredth time I tried out Jasyoga. I did a 25-minute comprehensive reset for triathletes and it was awesome. 

60 minute spin + 4 mile treadmill brick run @ 8:41
I had an appointment before work today so I skipped YTri this morning. I did my brick after work in my building's gym: an hour on a crappy stationary bike and 4 miles on the treadmill.

Strength Training
As I always do, I stayed up later than I should have and didn't make it to the pool. I don't know what it's going to take to get me in the pool more than once a week, but oh well. I was thinking about doing an easy run after work, but instead I went to the gym for some weights. I was there for about an hour and it felt really good!

6.4 mile run @ 8:30 / 75 minute spin
This morning's run was pretty rough! I thought I had just gotten out of the habit of longer runs, but it was 99% humidity out and after we finished our coach explained that if it felt hard, that was why. Good to know!

After work I went to the Y with Ben - he's on his most recent gym kick, and I'm not complaining - for another ride on the stationary bike. Both of my bikes are in the shop this week, so no trainer for me.

2000yd swim @ 1:40/100yd 
During my warm-up I felt like I hadn't swam in 100 years, and after the warm-up I found out that today was time trial day, ugh! I didn't feel at all prepared for that, especially after working my arms a lot at the gym on Wednesday. Surprisingly, I PRed my 300yd time trial by 11 seconds (4:40 today - down from 5:20 for my first one in January)! Instead of focusing on going fast, I just focused on keeping a manageable pace and maintaining my breath. It helps that I've been practicing breathing on my right side and can now breathe every other stroke. That's a huge breakthrough for me!

12 mile run @ 9:51
I didn't get out for this run until noon, partly because I just didn't feel like going any earlier, and partly because I had no incentive to beat the heat considering that I'm not going to be running until this time on race day, and it could very well be 90 degrees then like it was this weekend. I knew I was going to struggle in the heat, and I absolutely did. It wasn't too terrible in the shade, but every time I popped back out into full sun I immediately felt all my energy get zapped. Around 7 miles in I was running along the Potomac watching the kayakers, so I texted Ben to tell him that I was going to end my run at the boating dock in Georgetown and to meet me there. I was so hot all I could think about was getting in the water any way I could! I wanted to quit so badly and by the end I could barely make it 5 minutes at a time without having to stop to walk, catch my breath, and give myself a pep talk to keep going. Almost 2.5 hours after I left the house I finally made it through all 12 miles. It was the worst run I've had in a really long time, but I'm just glad I got some of that suckiness out of the way today instead of on race day.

52.23 mile bike @ 14.4mph + 1 mile run @ 9:59
Today I got to finish what I started last weekend! I went back out to Skyline Drive with a newly repaired and tuned up bike and got to work! It was SO much fun and so beautiful. It was a bit hot - crazy considering that last week I was all bundled up and still freezing - but for the most part the temperature was just right, and we even got a little bit of rain. This is by far the most elevation I've ever ridden - 5000ft over 52 miles (previous highest was 3000ft over 25 miles, and a week before that it was 2100ft over 68 miles). The climbs were tough but not awful, just slow and steady, and the descents were a blast. I hit 40mph a few times and got up to 42mph at one point! I'm so shocked but so happy about how comfortable I've felt on my bike on these longer rides I've been doing the last month or so. FYI if you're new around here, the bike has always been my biggest struggle and least enjoyable of the 3 triathlon disciplines. I'm amazed at how much I am loving these mountain rides, hard as they may be. My butt was in the saddle for 3 hours and 40 minutes today and I didn't cry, complain, or whine one single time!

After the ride we attempted to run, but we were in the middle of nowhere with no sidewalks or even shoulders on the roads. I was hoping to get around 4 or 5 miles in, but after meandering around for a mile trying to find somewhere to run with no luck, we had to give up. 

Weekly Mileage
Swim: 2000 yds (1.1 miles)
Bike: 52 miles + 135 minutes spin
Run:  23.4 miles

2017 Miles
Swim: 17.8 miles
Bike: 398.2 miles + 15.5 hours spin
Run: 474.5 miles

Coming up next this week:
This is my training push before resting up for race day! I can't believe it's only 2 weeks away. My swimming is definitely not where it's been before my past 70.3s, I've done way more and way more difficult biking, and I was ahead of the curve on my running up until the marathon, so I'm not sure what to expect. This week will be more about trying to acclimate to the heat and humidity, hopefully getting in a race time trial for the swim, and just keeping on keeping on. I'm happy that it's finally May - when I turned the calendar today I realized that that means it's race month for Kinetic and Mountains of Misery, and after that's all over the next stop is IM Louisville!

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  1. Rest days can be the best days. Keep rocking out, lady!

  2. Girl Saturday was ROUGH! Seriously. Don't be too hard on yourself - we haven't adapted yet to the humidity and it was brutal. Can't believe your race is so soon!

  3. Saturday was awful! We'll get use to it soon. Hope you are having a good week so far!