Kinetic Half Ironman Training: Race Week

I enjoyed a fairly easy last week of training this week leading up to race day! I made it to all three of my YTri workouts this week (the first time I've done that in...a while), and I kicked off tri season in a big way this weekend with my third half ironman! Race day didn't go as well as I had hoped, but I'm proud to have gotten through it!

Monday 5/8 
Rest Day! 

Tuesday 5/9
YTri Spin + 4.8 mile brick run @ 8:28 
I've only missed the last two weeks of YTri Spin, but it felt so much longer! Class today was a tough Tabata workout and a nearly 5 mile run after. The length of the run surprised me, since they're usually 3-4 miles, as did the pace - I was really just trying to keep up so I wouldn't get lost! It was nice to know that this was my last hard workout before this weekend's race!

Wednesday 5/10 
9.6 mile bike @ 13.4mph 
Ben and I rode down to Hains Point after work for an easy loop. Last time on the bike before Saturday!

Thursday 5/11 
2.85 mile YTri run @ 9:39
Since a lot of people YTri are racing this weekend, today was a short pre-race workout. We did a short warmup then 2x1 mile repeats at race pace with a quarter mile walk/jog after each one. This group is so speedy so I knew I probably wouldn't run these as easy as I would on my own, and I was right: mile 1 @ 8:39, mile 2 @ 8:53 (race pace is probably more like 9:00-9:15).

Friday 5/12
2100yd YTri swim @ 1:45/100yd / 1 mile run @ 8:54 + ~400yd practice swim
Almost my whole swim group is racing tomorrow, so today we had an easy workout. We did some sighting practice which I was really happy about since I had kind of forgotten about that part of open water swimming, I have never swam the day before a race and was a bit concerned about swimming so much that close together, but I'm really glad I did. Otherwise it would have been over a week since the last time I swam and that seems way too long. It helped me to get into the mindset I needed for race day.
I took the day off from work to travel to Lake Anna, so when I got there I had plenty of time for packet pickup and some shakeouts. I did a quick mile run to shake out after driving, and a short (probably ~400yds but I didn't wear my watch) swim in the lake. It was so cold I really didn't want to get in the water (although the water was actually about ten degrees warmer than the air and it ended up feeling better in the water than outside it), but I'm so glad I did. I was a bit freaked out at first - I love love love open water swimming in a big group like in a race, but I get freaked out if I'm only with a couple other people like I was today - but once I settled down I was fine.

Saturday 5/13 
Kinetic Half Iron distance tri - 6:17:35 
(1.2 mile swim @ 1:56/100yd + 56 mile bike @ 17.2mph + 13.1 mile run @ 9:33)
Oh, where to start with this one? The swim went about how I expected, the bike was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, and the run was better than I thought it was going to be. I’m still trying to process how it went and how I feel about it (and I’ll have a full recap up later this week), but at the end of the day, despite my doubts throughout most of the bike, I finished my third half ironman!

Sunday 5/14
Rest Day
One of my friends in the group I stayed/raced with this weekend was racing in the sprint today, so we went out to watch her. It was a gorgeous, warm day - perfect conditions to cheer everyone on. After a fun morning I hit the road to finally head back home and see my boys!

Weekly Mileage
Swim: 4650 yds (2.6 miles)
Bike: 66 miles
Run: 21.8 miles

2017 Miles
Swim: 23.4 miles
Bike: 502 miles + 16.3 hours spin
Run: 511.3 miles

Coming up next week:
My busy spring is coming to an end (just in time to start Ironman training, but that's a different story for a different day - this week I'm planning to work on getting my training plan together for that). With Shamrock and now Kinetic over, I have one last push to get through my last big event of the spring: Mountains of Misery. I haven't talked about it a lot, because it's not really a race (although it is timed...) but in two weeks I'll be taking on a challenging 104 mile bike ride in the mountains. This weekend I need to get in one last long ride before Mountains of Misery, and I'm hoping to get in 70-80 miles, but other than that this week will be fairly light. I'm planning to go to my scheduled YTri spin, run, and swim groups, but probably not much else!

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  1. I'm proud you finished!!!!!!! And proud of you!

  2. Congrats on HIM #3! Oh boy... .I need to look up this Mountain of Misery! Sounds challenging. Of course I look forward to your recap and what's next.

  3. Its always about coming out of one thing & going into another training period. The true circle of life ;)
    Congrats on another amazing feat!!!

  4. Congratulations!! Sounds like a great start to the season!

    The Mountains of Misery sound AMAZING! Looking forward to hearing more about it!

  5. Man, I get tired just thinking about your racing schedule! Marathon to half IM to century+four bike ride - phew! So much enduring! Haha. Congrats on finishing your half IM this weekend!

  6. So excited for you - can't wait to read your race recap, lady!

  7. Awesome job sticking with your training plan for the week and congratulations on the half-ironman!! I can't wait for more details in your full recap!

  8. So looking forward to reading the race recap. There's obviously a lot to process as you say, BUT you completed your third half ironman and that is great in itself!

  9. I can't wait to read your full recap -- if only to feel like I was there and I didn't break the 70.3 streak! ;) So proud of you for pushing through Kinetic and can't wait to hear about Mountains. Also, I just love hearing (reading?) you be excited (or at least not dreading) a bike event when it used to be such a mental struggle. Maybe it still is, I dunno, but it sure seems like all this time on a bike over the last two years has made for a big change!

  10. congrats on your 3rd half ironman, can't wait to read the full recap. wow, that mountain bike ride sounds intense! good luck!