Kinetic Recovery + Mountains of Misery Training

I have two weeks worth of training to recap so I'll try to keep it short(ish) and sweet! The last couple of weeks have been pretty blah - I'm not sure what's up with me, but I just haven't felt like myself. Other than long bike rides - including the hardest one I have ever done in my life, by far - my training in the two weeks since Kinetic has backed way off. I don't know if it was the post-race blues or that I've been overwhelmed with other stuff going on, but I've only managed to get in maybe half of my planned workouts. This is really unlike me and has me feeling a bit off and not like myself, but just having finished a big race (recovery!) and having another one right after (rest!), I've had plenty of reasons, valid or not, to back off a bit. This week was also my last week before I move on to Ironman training, another excuse to my last week to cut myself some slack. I had some things I needed to get done and take care of that wouldn't have been possible if I were in hardcore training mode, so excuses or not, I'm at least thankful for the flexibility.

    Monday 5/15
    Rest Day

    Tuesday 5/16
    Rest Day
    I skipped YTri spin/run this morning. I had an early appointment before work but was planning to still go to the spin portion, but I realized that even that was going to be cutting it too close for my appointment. Truthfully I was still recovering from Kinetic and not feeling 100% yet, so I decided to take another rest day.

    Wednesday 5/17 
    Strength Training 
    I still wasn't feeling ready to get back to the swim/bike/run grind, so instead I went to the gym for about an hour after work. In addition to the Myrtl routine and whatever 5-6 exercises I feel like doing, I started adding back in core work, which I desperately need. This video is my favorite core circuit - I used to do 3 rounds pretty frequently but I started back with 2 today!

    Thursday 5/18
    3.7 mile run @ 8:40
    First run since Kinetic, and it did not feel great. It was 90 degrees out and these 30ish minutes felt 30 times harder than the half marathon run I was supposed to be recovering from!

    Friday 5/19
    2250yd YTri swim @ 1:49/100yd
    This was a "people's choice" swim workout - everyone had to come up with a different 200yd set, so we kind of created the workout as we went. It ended up being one of my favorites!

    Saturday 5/20
    7 mile run @ 9:00
    I wanted to make sure I got in a longer run this week before Ironman training starts (in 9 days, but who's counting?), so I decided I'd run for about an hour.

    Sunday 5/21
    70 mile LoCo ride @ 15.1mph
    I had two different potential long ride plans this weekend, but when they both fell through I signed up at the last minute for the LoCo ride. I wanted to get in 70-80 miles before Mountains of Misery, and the ride had a 70 mile option, plus it benefits homeless animals so it had my name all over it. It was a really nice course through Loudoun County and well-supported, although I was a little surprised by how few other riders I saw out on the course. I rode by myself probably 95% of the time, which kind of defeated the purpose of my signing up, but it was fine. It was a lot hillier than I was expecting and by the end I was wiped out. I was hoping to tack on 10 more miles at the end to get to 80, but I just couldn't do any more!

    Weekly Mileage
    Swim: 2250 yds (1.3 miles)
    Bike: 70 miles
    Run: 10.7 miles

    Monday 5/22
    Rest Day

    Tuesday 5/23
    46 minute spin + 3.4 mile run @ 9:01
    I decided to quit YTri this week - for a few different reasons, but mostly because I've had a lot going on and a hard time making it to the workouts, and also, honestly, because I've realized that group workouts aren't really for me - so today I was on my own for a brick for the first time all season. I wasn't able to get it done this morning so I did it after work, which went surprisingly not horribly. I did a Peloton class on my iPad while I rode on the trainer and I loved it! There's one instructor in particular that I really really like and whose class I've even taken in person, and I forgot how much I love doing her classes.

    Wednesday 5/24 
    Rest Day 
    Today just didn't go right at all, and after work I really needed to spend my night cleaning my disaster of an apartment instead of working out.

    Thursday 5/25
    4 mile run @ 8:39
    Had just enough time after work today to get in 4 miles on the treadmill. My first run on the treadmill in quite a while and I actually really enjoyed it!

    Friday 5/26
    Rest Day
    Had to finish packing for Mountains of Misery this morning so no swim for me!

    Saturday 5/27
    6.2 mile run @ 9:01
    I realized on the drive to Blacksburg last night that I forgot my running shoes (I actually realized about a mile from my apartment, but going back to get them would have meant battling 30 more minutes worth of DC traffic, and Ben was already at the airport waiting for me to pick him up on the way), so I had to buy new ones before my run today. I figured I would need them eventually anyway #runnerlogic. I would have probably just let it go, except that I really wanted to run around campus, something I hadn't had the opportunity to do in almost 15 months! I did a nice, albeit hot, 10k loop from my old apartment, around campus, and back (I chose 10k because that was apparently the distance of the day - I saw so many different 10k posts from friends, and today was also my hometown 10k, which I had to miss for the second year in a row).

    Sunday 5/28
    Mountains of Misery - 103 mile ride @ 13.8mph
    I wasn't sure if I was going to write a recap for this or not, but then I started trying to write a short version here and it ended up super long so I guess I'll have a recap up later this week! It was in some ways less challenging than I thought it would be, in some ways more challenging than I thought it would be, but overall not as bad as I was expecting. It was definitely hard, but I think by the end I was so relieved that the last climb wasn't completely vertical like I was picturing, and that I had actually somehow spent 7.5 hours on my bike without having a total meltdown, that I kind of forgot about all the bad parts! And the course was beautiful - some parts were so breathtaking I really felt like I was riding through a painting. It was unreal.

    Weekly Mileage
    Swim: 0 yds (oops)
    Bike: 46 min + 103 miles
    Run: 13.6 miles

    2017 Miles
    Swim: 24.6 miles
    Bike: 675 miles + 17 hours spin
    Run: 535.6 miles

    Coming up next this week:
    Ironman training starts now! Ironman Louisville is 20 weeks away and is finally the next thing on my calendar and main focus of my training. I have a whole bunch of different feelings, especially considering that I put in 20 weeks of training last year and don't even have a 140.6 race to show for it (and am still obviously not over it), but I'm really trying to work through them. One minute I'm excited to start training, the next minute I feel like there's no point because something will probably happen to the race and I won't get to do the full thing anyway. Again. Like I said, I'm working on it, mainly through writing about it so I'll have all my conflicting thoughts and feelings and how I plan to tackle training this time up this week. 

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    1. Wow - Congrats on the Mountains of Misery bike ride. That sounds so intense but you did a great job!

      So exciting that you are starting Ironman training! I have so much respect for anyone that tackles a triathlon!!

    2. I'm excited to read your Mountains of Misery recap. The name alone has had me intrigued for quite some time, so I'm interested to hear more about the event!

      You don't think you could be overtraining, do you? I've only been reading your blog for a few months, so I have NO idea what your normal training load looks like, and feel free to totally disregard this if I'm way off base (which is completely possible!). I just know that feeling not like yourself can be a symptom of overtraining sometimes and is something I try to watch out for if I think I'm going too far in the training department without giving myself appropriate time to recover. Not that the start of IM training is really the ideal time to start recovering, of course...though better to deal with it now, when your mileage is still reasonable, than later on, when it might be more mentally difficult to take time off. But it does seem like you took a good amount of time off over the past two weeks, which I'm sure would help in that department. Again, I could be totally wrong, so I hope this doesn't offend you in any way, because that's definitely not my intention at all! Just something I've always kept an eye on, because I know when I'm training too hard, I don't feel like myself.

    3. I bet you just needed a bit of a break and that's why you weren't feeling like yourself. I'm super excited for you and this training cycle, lady!

    4. I know what you mean about not feeling like yourself for two weeks. I JUST went through the same thing, for the same two weeks (something in the water?), although mine was related to everything BUT running. To piggyback off Bethany's comment, I wonder if it has to do with pushing yourself hard for things your heart isn't really into. Like, if those same two weeks were part of Ironman training instead of before it, you wouldn't have been feeling so blah, because you actually feel like you're working toward something instead of pressuring yourself to stay in shape for races that aren't really that important to you, if that makes sense. Either way, we all go through it sometimes, and it will pass.

      Congrats on Mountains of Misery! I can't imagine riding my bike for 100 miles!