Ironman Louisville Training: Week 1

Ironman Louisville training time is finally here! I registered in November and after Shamrock, Kinetic, and Mountains of Misery this spring, it's finally the focus of my calendar and my training. Given how things went last year, over the past few weeks I've been having a lot of feelings about doing this again. And when I say that, I don't even know if I mean the training, which was hard and flipped my world upside down in a way I never saw coming but was also one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had, or the devastation of the race being shortened after all those months of intense preparation and sacrifice, not only mine but that if everyone around me who, at least in some small way, had to accommodate this huge presence that suddenly barged into my life. I tend to emotionally scar very easily and the idea that this could all be for naught, AGAIN, is a little much for me to handle.

Despite those worries, now that it's started, I feel the weight lifting a little bit. I had a pretty great first week of training and I feel a little lighter and a little clearer, a little more excited and a little more hopeful. It feels different this time - good different. I feel way ahead of the curve compared to last year, for a lot of reasons, I think, and overall just...better. I did miss one bike ride, but I did get in an extra swim, plus I'm so giddy about how the week went overall that I don't even care. I'm back, baby!

    Monday 5/29
    Rest Day
    Rested up from Mountains of Misery and traveled back to DC!

    Tuesday 5/30
    4 mile run @ 9:12
    AM: First day of official IM Lou training! My brother-in-law is in town for a couple days so he met me this morning for a few easy miles. My legs felt surprisingly good considering what I put them through a couple days ago.

    PM: After work I did an easy 60 minutes of spinning on the trainer. I really wanted a recovery ride but there weren't a ton to choose from on Peloton, so I went with a 30-minute low impact ride from an instructor I've never tried before, followed by another 30-minute low impact ride with my favorite instructor, Jess.

    Wednesday 5/31
    2500yd swim @ 1:49/100yd + Strength Training
    PM: Swim workout today was the one I missed at YTri last week, which included our 5th 300yd time trial. My last 4 were 5:20, 4:51, 4:54, 4:40 and today was 4:53, so I've plateaued a bit, but I'm happy to have made and retained so much progress since my first one in January. My swims will be longer, more frequent, and more intense from here on out, and it would be nice to move past this plateau. But my biggest takeaway from today's swim wasn't my performance, it was the fact that I split a lane without  freaking out - actually, without even really noticing the other person - and that I breathed bilaterally the entire time! Those are two huge goals I could have only dreamed of accomplishing this time last year, so to do both so effortlessly today felt really good.

    Thursday 6/1
    3 mile run @ 7:44
    AM: Today was a JDRF fundraiser event that my company participates in that's essentially field day for adults, with every activity you could possibly imagine, from lacrosse to jigsaw puzzles. I participated in the 5k (actually 12 times around the track so closer to 3 miles), team spin competition, 4x100m relay, and sack race. I had planned to bike after work today, but I went a little too hard during the run and the bike (only 5 minutes, but at 100% intensity the entire time, which was harder than it sounds) at JDRF and I was completely wiped out. Instead we went to see Wonder Woman, but considering that she's my endurance sports alter ego, I think that should count as some form of training!

    Friday 6/2
    1900yd swim @ 1:45/100yd
    AM: Swimming this morning was pretty fun! And to think I wanted to skip since I had some packing I kind of needed to do. I really like the way my coach structures our workouts, and that a lot of the sets we do are focused on drills. Today we did our workout then at the end split up into 2 teams for a little competition. We had a few heats of swim, pull, and kick (my event - I came in 2nd out of 4 which I was pretty happy with), and then a pull relay at the end. Pull is my weakness but I did my best!

    Saturday 6/3
    8 mile run @ 9:29 / 2300yd swim @ 2:03/100yd
    AM: Today was the most perfect Ironman training day that ever existed. I started it by running at the oceanfront with my dad in the morning, then immediately going out to the beach. We hung out there for a few glorious hours, then I went over to my brother-in-law's to swim with him in the bay, and had just about the best open water swim I have ever had. Why can't every training day be like this?!

    Sunday 5/28
    31 mile ride @ 16.2mph + 2.3 mile run @ 8:49
    AM: Considering the biking I've been doing the last couple months, today's 30 miles on flat roads was a breeze. I love these early days of training - I know they won't last forever,  but I'm enjoying them while they do!

    Weekly Mileage
    Swim: 6700 yds (3.8 miles)
    Bike: 60 min + 31 miles
    Run: 17.3 miles

    2017 Miles
    Swim: 28.4 miles
    Bike: 706 miles + 18 hours spin
    Run: 552.8 miles

    Coming up next week:
    This is the first time in a while when I have nothing big coming up in the next week or two! This week will be more of the same, getting into an Ironman training routine and trying to hone in on what's going to work for the next 19 weeks. I do plan to try to either run or bike commute home (maybe both?), but that's about the only new or exciting thing that's on my agenda this week!

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    1. Great job on all of your workouts this week! I agree that the weather this weekend was gorgeous! Glad you were able to get run, ride and swim!

    2. Looking forward to hearing about your run commute experience, lady! :)

    3. YAHOOO... so excited about this race more than any you've done ;) #selfishreasons #GoLouisville

    4. I'm glad the first week went well, and I'm excited to see how training goes for you this time AND to hear about you finishing your official Ironman :)

    5. Seems you had great training time!!! To achieve something, it's really important to be patient and stick to the plans as training is the cream time that help us to reach the goals well.

    6. What a great week to kick off your training! Having a positive outlook is SO important to reaching your goals.

    7. Glad you had a good 1st week! I know what you mean about those breezy early days of training and wishing they could last forever. It's kind depressing to think that once those first few weeks are over, the next time training will feel that easy won't be until taper. But yes, let us all enjoy it while it lasts!

      I had to laugh about the not freaking out about splitting a lane thing. I very rarely swim but when I do, I HATE sharing lanes - it just never feels like there's enough room!

    8. Cheers to a first great week of training.