Ironman Louisville Training: Week 2

I knew the excitement of the first week of training wouldn't last, but it was still disappointing when it died down this week! One thing I am really trying to focus on this training cycle is managing my time and making my workouts as time-efficient as possible, so this week I tried my hand at run and bike commuting home from work! Both went really well and I'm excited to have opened this new door of training.

I had a decent week this week, but my weekend workouts were a struggle. There was a chance I was going to be able to go home and train again this weekend, and I was kind of hoping and betting on that, and when it didn't happen I was pretty bummed. There's just nothing like training at home with my tri family. Summer also abruptly arrived in DC this week, which made my long run and ride that much harder. I was in a bit of a funk over all of that this weekend, but I finished out the week feeling better and more confident. I'm already way ahead of where I was at this point of training last year - I just need to keep working over the next 4 months.

Monday 6/5
Rest Day

Tuesday 6/6
50 minute spin + 4.4 mile treadmill run @ 9:07
PM: I did this one after work, so in the interest of time, I kept it all indoors: 50 minute Peloton class on the trainer followed by 40 minutes on the treadmill. Spin was a little boring but mostly fine, and I had some GI issues for the first 15 minutes of the run but once it settled, the last 25 minutes felt good!

Wednesday 6/7
2600yd stamina swim @ 1:54/100yd / 5 mile run @ 8:37
AM: I am so proud of myself for getting to the pool this morning! I've been swimming on Friday mornings with YTri but have had a really hard time getting there on my own any other time (I think I've done it exactly once this year, in January). I recycled this workout from my IMNC training plan from last year, although I added in a couple extra sets to increase the distance. I felt slower than usual this morning, but even with the extra sets (which were sculling and kickboard, both of which take significantly longer than a normal freestyle lap) my pace was slightly faster than when I did this workout last year. My training plan this year is 95% the same training plan I used last year, and I feel like playing this comparison game is just going to make me feel bad eventually, but I was at least pleased to see that my swim has improved a little bit. I know I'm faster in shorter spurts - the question will be how well I can sustain it at longer distances! 

PM: I did my first run commute after work today! And I loved it! I only live a little over a mile from work, so I took the extra long way home (like, in the opposite direction for a while). I was surprised by the fact that I really wasn't bothered by my backpack, and really surprised by my pace (although I'm sure the cup of coffee I had before leaving work and the 60 degrees/60% humidity greatly contributed). My breathing was definitely restricted by the backpack (I think I might have had it a little too snug around my chest) and it did jack my heart rate up a little bit, so it didn't end up being quite the easy run I was planning, but I enjoyed it nonetheless! My plan had me down for 40 minutes and I accidentally went a little extra and did 43 minutes. I left the office at 5pm and only had 4 minutes' worth of stopped time on my run (and that includes stopping to take a photo), so I was home by 6pm. That alone is enough to have me officially hooked on run commuting!

Thursday 6/8
15.6 mile bike @ 15.5mph + strength training
PM: Second day of workout-commuting home! I bike to work 95% of the time so biking home was nothing new, except instead of going straight home and then back out for a bike ride, I did my bike ride straight from work. Work is about a mile closer to the park where I like to ride, so it just made sense in the interest of saving time. When I got home I changed and went downstairs to the gym for strength training! I had time for the myrtl routine, 3 core circuit rounds, and a few arm exercises before dinner time (another thing I'm trying to be better at this time is not letting my evening workouts last forever).

Friday 6/9
2400yd swim @ 1:43/100yd
AM: I had a GREAT swim this morning! It started out a little rough but got progressively better and faster. After our warmup the main set was 16x100s, which I wasn't excited about (we got to choose between that or 8x200s - I voted for the latter and lost obviously). For the first few I was just on my interval or a couple seconds behind it and then I have no idea what happened, but I started to continually speed up. Eventually I caught up to and was about to lap the rest of the group in my lane, so I had to move over to a new lane by myself to finish the set of 16. I never feel like a superstar at my swim group but I definitely did today!

Saturday 6/10
10 mile run @ 9:01
AM: This was a tough run. It wasn't even ridiculously hot and humid out - high 70s, maybe 80, with 55% humidity - but I felt very hot and I was dripping sweat the whole time. I tried to focus on keeping my heart rate down as much possible and just getting through it, and it went okay, but it wasn't great. I feel like summer running never gets any easier no matter how many times I've done it!

Also, not training related per se, but I planned my run to end in Georgetown so that I could meet Ben to go paddleboarding! We've gone kayaking a couple times but I was really interested in trying paddleboarding (I'd done it once before in the ocean for like five minutes). Since I still had on my Garmin from my run, I turned it on and we ended up doing about 2.5 miles in an hour. I've made it my goal to get as close to a body of water as possible after every long run - I wasn't planning on getting in today, but I fell off the paddleboard once. So between that and last week's run at the beach, I'm 2/2 for jumping in water after my long runs.

Sunday 6/11
40 mile bike ride @ 15.7mph + 2.1 mile run @ 9:27
AM: I went back out to the W&OD for the first time since IMNC training and, I'm not going to lie, I was absolutely dreading it. I've had more mid-ride, side-of-the-road crying episodes on that trail than I would like to admit. I really don't love this trail, but I keep going back because it's such a convenient and safe place to ride. I dragged Ben out with me so he could entertain/babysit me for at least some of the ride - I dropped him off at a brewery that's just off the trail at 8.5 miles in, then I continued on for another 14 miles before picking him back up and riding 8.5 back to the car, then I rode 8.5 back to the brewery while he drove the car over so I could finish there. It definitely wasn't my best or favorite ride, but it also wasn't my worst. 

It was 91 degrees by the time I started running after the bike, and it felt like death. The trail isn't shaded at all either, so I am not exaggerating when I say I counted down every single second of those 20 minutes. I really struggled to find a pace - my first mile was just under 10:00 (although I did walk for about a minute) and my second was just over 9:00, probably because I just wanted it to be over, even though pace is irrelevant now that I've switched over to running for time!

Weekly Mileage
Swim: 5000 yds (2.8 miles)
Bike: 50 min (~13 miles) + 56 miles
Run: 21.5 miles

2017 Miles
Swim: 31.3 miles
Bike: 762 miles + 18.9 hours spin (~302 miles)
Run: 574.4 miles

Coming up next week:
This week will just be more of the same! I have a work commitment on Tuesday evening, which means I have no choice but to actually get in my brick in the morning before work. It's going to be tough, but I've done it before and I can do it again! Getting through that, and my 50-mile ride during the weekend (mostly likely on the W&OD, ugh) are going to be my main points to focus on this week.

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  1. Oh, gosh, our weekends were so similar! I did the LHH in Georgetown on Saturday and we rode on the W&OD from Shirlington to "Smith's Switch" rest area. Which brewery did you park Ben at? We like Caboose but the food is so pricey -- good, but pricey.

    1. That's too funny! We did go to Caboose...we thought about getting some food but it did seem a little pricey so we stuck with just drinks!

  2. LOVE, LOVE the fact you could run home after work! What a brilliant idea and an easy way to squeeze in a run. When you get home, you are done and can focus on other things! Lovely.

  3. I was super excited to see your run commute last week! Yay! Water post run is my dream!!

  4. I'm hoping to try run commuting some time this marathon season. I don't think I want to carry a backpack with me, but since I would only ABSOLUTELY need to bring my phone, keys, ID and public transportation card with me, as long as I plan it out, I think it's doable. It would be SO nice to not spend time commuting home, then change, THEN head out for a run. The whole commuting/changing process usually takes just shy of an hour, so if I could spend most of that time running instead, I'd have SO much more free time in the evening!

  5. I love that you are able to get in some of your workouts by run commuting to work, that's awesome! I have also through about ways I can be more efficient with my workouts! I love the variety of all your workouts this week - great job!

    Thanks for linking up for the weekly wrap.