Ironman Louisville Training: Week 6 (Belize Edition!)

This was an extremely light week of training for me since I was on vacation! Although when I travel I try to work in my training or sneak in a run or a race whenever possible (my favorite way to see a new place), this vacation was specifically about taking a break from training.  I did get in a few, non-traditional swims, bikes, and runs, but they were all fun and extremely leisurely. I hadn't been on a relaxing vacation with zero activities planned in SEVEN years, so yeah, I left Ironman training at home!

Monday 7/3
8 mile run @ 9:26 / 2900yd swim @ 1:51/100yd

PM: Since we're on vacation from Tuesday-Saturday I obviously won't be able to get in a weekend long ride and long run, so I decided to split them between the beginning and end of the week. Not the most ideal schedule, but sometimes you gotta do what you can! I wanted to get in some sort of distance as a pseudo long run before we left, but I just did a 13-mile long run 2 days ago and also ran a few miles yesterday, so I settled on 8 miles today. I took the day off from work to run errands and get ready for our trip, and then day kind of got away from me. I finally pushed myself out the door at 2pm and, I'm not sure how this is possible in 90 degrees and full sun, but it was actually a pretty good run! I had some shin pain that almost made me turn around and go home when I was only a couple minutes in, but I stretched out at stoplights and that seemed to help keep it at bay. I normally would have just gone home to play it safe, but I felt okay to keep going since I have some rest days coming up. I was dreading doing this in full sun on a hot summer day, but I slowed my pace a bit and took it easy and tried to enjoy myself as much as possible. I knew I'd feel so much better going on vacation with this behind me! I'm also pretty scared of flying and was stressing about that, so this at least helped get my mind off of that for a little while. 

I went swimming after my run and it was definitely not my best. Mondays are usually my rest days so to have two mediumish workouts today was tough. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't great. This was my longest swim since IMNC! Scary to think that pretty soon even my short swims will be longer than this... 

Tuesday 7/4
Rest Day
Traveled to Belize! It was a long day that started at 3:00am. I normally get up around 4:15am so it was early even for me!

Wednesday 7/5
 Rest Day 
Another rest day, complete with the most heavenly massage at the resort spa! We also went on a 2-hour snorkling trip - that counts as open water swimming, right?

Thursday 7/6
4 mile run @ 9:59
Did a little island exploring with an easy 40 minute run on the beach. Fortunately there was a sea wall along a good portion of the properties north of us, which made for a nice running path! (Note that I did not scope this out beforehand and was planning to just on the treadmill in the gym, but Ben came with me and the entire way was spotted with other resorts and lots of people out, both locals and tourists, so I felt super safe.) After a few days of traveling and relaxing, it actually felt good to stretch out my legs. And yes, I did use my Garmin for this but only because I wanted to see "Belize Running" in my activity feed. It's the little things.

Ben and I did bike into town today for lunch, which most definitely does not count as training, but it was fun!

Friday 7/7

Rest Day
Last day in Belize! Ben and I took a 75-minute yoga class at our resort that was amazing! I rarely take classes anymore because the last few I've been to have been just okay at best, so my expectations were low, but this class definitely exceeded them. I *really* needed this class and even learned a couple new flows that I'm excited to take back home with me.

We also went snorkeling again today to a different part of the reef - this might have been my favorite part of the whole trip!

Saturday 7/8
Rest Day 
Left Belize today and traveled literally all day, ugh! 

Sunday 7/9
Rest Day
As much as it pains me to put down a big fat goose egg for today, it needed to be done. We missed our connecting flight home and didn't end up getting here until after midnight, slept until 10 this morning (to be fair, that's only 8am in Belize time!). I made my best effort to get a long ride done as planned, but with a bunch of post-vacation chores to do I just couldn't spend the bulk of the day training. Truthfully, though, I needed this slow day before getting back to work and real life, and I used the extra hours to meal plan and prep, foam roll and do yoga, and get myself ready to really dive into my training plan this week.

Weekly Mileage
Swim: 2900 yds
Bike: 46 min + 103 miles
Run: 13.6 miles

2017 Miles
Swim: 39.9 miles
Bike: 934 miles + ~352 miles spin
Run: 658.1 miles

Coming up next week:
This is week is my first BIG week of training, with 15 hours scheduled in my Training Peaks! My priority this week, other than making it through the week alive and in one piece, is going to be taking care of my body during non-training hours (hence all the Sunday prep). That means getting enough sleep, eating well, foam rolling and stretching, etc. I've already slacked off and fallen into some bad habits, and I want to try to correct them before it's too late. My meals are prepared, my laundry is done, my apartment is clean, my work clothes are picked out, even my workout clothes are all picked out...I am ready to take on this monster of a week!


  1. Glad you got some rest - those snorkelling pics are the best! Good luck for this first big week of training!

  2. Your trip looks awesome - so glad you had a good time and got some much needed R&R! I've fallen into some bad self-care habits myself. I think it's hard in summer: we're busy and out-and-about, we sleep less because of the extra daylight, and there is an abundance of summery junk food to tempt us at every turn (beer, ice cream, hot dogs, street food, all the fun stuff!). For me personally, I feel like I have a much easier time with this stuff in the winter because I have fewer distractions and I can become a training machine.

  3. Now this sounds like my kind of Ironman training! Haha :P I'm glad you had a restful trip! It looks so beautiful. And internet high five for getting on the plane and flying! I, too, have flight anxiety, and not wanting to get on a plane, no matter how tempting the final destination, is what stops me from traveling nine times out of ten (well, that, and the fact that I have neither unlimited money nor unlimited vacation days. But even if I did, I still don't think I'd travel much, at least not until teleportation becomes a thing haha). So nice work on that!

  4. Glad you had such a lovely vacay! Hope that this big week is going well so far. You've got this girl!