Ironman Louisville Training: Week 8

Not much to report this was mostly good with a couple of low points: my two missed swims. I've now missed four of my last six scheduled swims - two were out of my control, one was intentional, and one was my fault - which is, you know, not great, but swimming is one of my stronger disciplines (all relative since I'm not particularly strong at any of them!) so I'm not too concerned.

On the bright side, I handled my bike ride this weekend like a champ! It always helps to have company, and I actually enjoyed almost all six of those hours I spent pedaling on Sunday. This Ironman thing may not be a lost cause after all.

In other news, this week I finally started to feel like I was making a breakthrough in my IMNC anxiety/disappointment, but by the end of the week I felt like I had taken two steps forward and one step back and didn't really end up much farther than where I started. I know I keep being vague about all these feelings and it's really not intentional. I do want to get them out and talk about them but every time I try I just don't know what to say. I know the words are in there somewhere and I hope to find them soon.

Monday 7/17
Rest Day
I had planned to swap my Friday swim to Monday this week to get myself off my Monday rest day schedule and onto a Friday rest day schedule, but I broke my aero bars yesterday and had to take my tri bike to the bike shop after work, so no swimming today.

Tuesday 7/18
11.6 mile Zwift ride @ 17.4mph + 4.6 mile run @ 8:44
AM: Good brick this morning! Only 40 minutes on the trainer so it wasn't terrible (I watched an episode of Glee and it passed the time fairly quickly), and it was about as pleasant outside as a mid-July morning in DC can be, so I was able to push myself a little bit on the run.

Wednesday 7/19
2600yd @ 1:47/100yd + Strength training
PM: I got to the pool and all the lanes had 2 people in them so I had to wait, and I was thisclose to just leaving when a man got out and I was able to take his spot. It wasn't my best swim ever (none of them are these days, it seems) but I'm proud of myself for getting it done. I went to the gym afterward and did arms there, then I came up to my apartment and did a core yoga video (rather than a core circuit at the gym because honestly I was feeling too lazy to do really do core).

Thursday 7/20
6.2 mile run @ 9:41 / 17.6 mile bike @ 17.4mph
AM: Another day, another slogfest. This was one of those mornings that had me dreaming about October running in Kentucky...

PM: I worked late today and just wasn't in the mood to be away from home for another second, so even though I already had everything with me for biking, I went home to ride on the trainer instead. I wasn't in the mood to do that either and it was boring AF, but eventually I finished!

Friday 7/21

Rest Day
I wasn't able to move today's swim to a different day this week because of having to deal with my broken bike, so in the interest of getting on the Friday rest day schedule, I decided to take a second rest day today. I have a big weekend this weekend (but it's Ironman training - every weekend is a big weekend from here on out), so it's probably not a bad thing to get in some extra rest.

Saturday 7/22
10 mile run @ 9:38
AM: I could really get used to this run-on-the-boardwalk-then-sit-on-the-beach-for-the-rest-of-the-day routine and am really bummed I don't get to do it every weekend. The heat index this weekend was out of control so this was an early one, but not early enough (I didn't get into town until after 11pm on Friday night so the 6:45am start time was the best I could do). Despite my lack of sleep, for some reason I was really stoked about running so I started the first few miles a bit too fast, which I knew at the time but it was the first time in a while that running has felt good (mentally anyway - physically it still felt awful) that I just went with it and didn't care about how it would affect me later.

Sunday 7/23
93.7 mile ride @ 15.5mph + 2 mile run @ 9:55
I'm always really apprehensive about long rides, and I am so glad to not only have this one behind me, but to report that it went well! It was a long day (started riding just before 7am and didn't finish until almost 2pm) and a hot day (heat index up to 105), but I really enjoyed the company and the ride really wasn't that bad. This was only the 6th time I've ridden 90+, which doesn't seem like many, but I do feel like I'm starting to get the hang of riding that long. This ride was supposed to be 90 but ended up a bit longer. We rode through Virginia and North Carolina and even made a pit stop to take care of Leah's horses, where I practiced making friends with horses, a crucial part of my training for Louisville!

Unfortunately the run afterward wasn't quite as successful, and I only made it through 2 out of 4 planned miles before calling it quits. I've realized that there is a point of diminishing returns when running in that kind of extreme heat, and although I could have pushed through another 2 miles, I just didn't see the point. I was really happy with my bike ride and amazed that I even made it through 2 miles in that weather and decided to quit while I was still marginally ahead!

Weekly Mileage
Swim: 2600 yds (1.5 miles)
Bike: 123 miles
Run: 22.8 miles

2017 Miles
Swim: 43.2 miles
Bike: 1178 miles + ~352 miles spin
Run: 705.7 miles

Coming up next week:
Since my swimming has been taking a back seat lately, I'm making it a priority this week to get back on track this week. My swim distance is going to increase rapidly starting this week, which I am equal parts excited and terrified by. This week will be my first run longer than a half marathon since the Shamrock Marathon in March, eek! Also equal parts excited and terrified by that. 

There are 12 weeks left of training for IM Louisville, and the next 9 weeks until taper are going to be tough! I know 9 weeks is still a lot of time for work, but I'm starting to feel a little apprehensive. I just hope I have enough time left!


  1. I'm so glad you had a better week! It sounds like being on vacation and out of your routine threw you for a loop in training but that you are finding your rhythm again.

    I'm in the same place with my training of feeling like I'm in behind in some areas and I'm nervous whether or not the 8 weeks I have left until taper is enough time to get where I need/want to be. I keep trying to remind myself that, if it came down to it, it would probably be better for me to be a little undertrained than a little overtrained on race day, but it's hard to wrap my mind around that. I think the heat is messing with our heads too. Everything, even easy workouts, feel harder in the heat/humidity and it's easy to fall into the trap of assuming that it's a reflection of your fitness and not the conditions. Like you, I pretty much daydream about October running weather 100% of the time now (although with my luck it will still be hot on race day!).

  2. Glad to see things picking up for you emotionally, if only a little. Love reading these and good luck on your long swims and runs this week!

  3. FYI - I got registered to volunteer at the finish line at that Ironman ;) YAHOOO

  4. maybe you will feel all the good feelings after Louisville so IMNC won't be such a bitter thing anymore? of course that doesn't help you with before Louisville. Rebecca's comment reminds me I need to sign up to be a volunteer! Or i'll just drive around and cheer you on. you are gonna be so sick of my face ;)

  5. I'm glad you had such a good bike ride this weekend! That's got to be a good feeling, particularly since you were nervous about it to begin with. And I'm very glad you got to pet horses! If that's all Ironman training consisted of, I'd be signed up for every Ironman I could find haha :P