Ironman Louisville 2017 Race Recap

I can't believe I am finally typing those words into the title box! I have followed other bloggers' Ironman journeys and read stranger's race recaps for years and have been waiting for the day I could write my own! Actually, the reason I ever thought I could even possibly finish an Ironman was because of a few (now-defunct) blogs I used to follow a few years ago, written by women who were just like me. See, I started reading these blogs around the same time I started to dabble in triathlon, as well as when I started training for my first marathon. They were written by women I really related to - they had only been into running/triathlon for a couple years or so, they were middle-of-the-packers who always strived to better themselves, and their experience and ability levels were nearly identical to mine. I followed their Ironman journeys in 2014, and although I knew that Ironman was a thing that was out there for experienced and talented athletes, that was the first time it ever occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, Ironman could one day be a reality for me too. It is truly surreal to have now accomplished this dream that, not long ago, was just that - a dream.

Ben and I rented a minivan for the trip - it's a 10 hour drive and since, we had the two of us, Bane, two of my bikes (an extra one just in case - I have had mechanical issues with my tri bike over the last month and was really paranoid), and multiple bags/suitcases (most of them filled with my tri stuff), so it seemed easier and more comfortable to have the extra space. We folded all of the seats down in the back so it was one big, open space and made a bed so we could take turns sleeping while the other person was driving. We left DC at 3am on Thursday morning and arrived in Louisville just before 2pm!