Spring Half Marathon Training 2018 - Week 2

One of the reasons I got a coach was to push my limits in a safe and informed way, and the past two weeks, and this week in particular, have definitely pushed me. I know I am totally capable of pushing myself on my own, but it was really easy to make excuses - both for the better and for the worse - when I was on my own. It's a really different experience going into a workout knowing that someone who knows my capabilities and my strengths and my weaknesses prescribed me a workout that will challenge me but still be appropriate for my ability level. I still have progress to make - lots and lots of it - but I guess what I'm saying is that I am enjoying the fact that a lot of the guesswork has been taken out. 

The downside of coaching for me - and I knew this would be an issue so I'm trying to work throuh it while making sure my coach knows that it's not her, it's me - is that completely giving up the reins can be scary. I'm now training at fast paces for maybe 20% of my miles, with the rest fairly easy, and none at my actual goal pace. This is the complete opposite of the way I have ever trained (because it was just me on my own and I didn't know what I was doing...), so shifting to trust that this way works is a lot! Plus, the fast paces are very fast for me. Seeing them on my schedule sometimes makes me scared and uncomfortable, and I was really honest to my coach about that and about how I often doubt my abilities. We had a whole discussion about what I think and perceive about certain paces, and what I think I'm "supposed" to be able to run and not run. I told her how I truly believe all my PRs were flukes because I have no idea how I ever ran as fast as I've been able to in the past, to which she replied that I really need to start thinking of myself as fast, because I am. As a former 12+ minute mile runner, that just sounded ludicrous to me (I was like no but seriously does this girl know I barely finished Couch 2 5k?), but in the interest of trying to shift my mindset about my running, I really tried to take her advice. Running confidence is definitely a work-in-progress for me, and I know it's going to take some time to get to where I want to be on that front.

Monday 2/5  Gym / 11ish? trainer miles (Zwift crashed when I had like 2 minutes left, boo)

Tuesday 2/6 - 8.5 mile interval run @ 8:50
  • 2x10 min intervals @ 7:40-7:50 goal pace 
  • Actual 7:31, 7:34
I had a tough time with a similar workout last week (4x5min intervals @ 7:50) so I was a little nervous about doubling the time on these, although I think the fact that there were only 2 of them instead of 4 really helped me. I talked a lot with Katie this week about my perception of my running and that even though I have actually run 7:XX paces a fair amount at this point, every time I see it my brain has a hard time believing I am/can/should run that fast. I went through waves during these intervals where I would feel fine and in control for a couple minutes, and then those doubts would start to creep in. Physically this went surprisingly well and I felt SO strong and confident, even on the recovery intervals and cool-down. This was a great run for me.

Wednesday 2/7 - 6.2 mile easy run @ 9:48

I hated everything about this run. Everything felt off right from the beginning - my stomach hurt, I was hungry, my legs were jello from last night's workout, my phone was bouncing around in my jacket, my pants that I have worn a million times wouldn't stay up, my new shoes made me feel like I was running in giant clown shoes...Some of those things subsided but I did feel super nauseous the whole time and a little dizzy, to the point that I almost quit after 4 miles. The last two felt decent enough that I was able to finish, but this sucked.

Thursday 2/8 - 7.1 mile interval run @ 8:50

  • 3x5:00 hard intervals
  • Actual paces 7:15, 7:10, 7:11
Today's workout was supposed to be hard, but no specific pace target. Since I was able to hit low 7's last week for 4 intervals, and I only had 3 today, I figured it would be no problem doing that, or faster again - funny how a week ago I had no confidence I could hit 7:15 for even a second, and today I thought I could breeze through at that pace. Unsurprisingly, I was wrong. My legs were really sore, especially my quads, and I just didn't have the strength to turn them over fast enough. I gave it all I had and I'm proud of the numbers I was able to put up, but I felt really run down on this one. 

Friday 2/9 - Rest

Saturday 2/10 - 3.1 mile easy run @ 9:14

Sunday 2/11 -11.1 mile long run @ 9:16

I really wasn't in the mood to do this run, especially since it was raining and was going to continue raining all day. Every step of the first five miles felt hard - every single one of them - but eventually my legs loosened up a little bit. I had a good couple of miles in the middle, then during the last few I just wanted to get home, but those middle miles were enough to make this a good run overall. I left my watch on the distance screen and didn't check my pace at all (something I am trying to work on for easy/long runs), and I was very pleasantly surprised at the end!

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  1. I need to be careful about reading your blog these days, because the more you talk about your experience with coaching, the more I want to fork over my credit card and get a coach. Haha. It sounds like it's really pushing you to find the best version of your runner self!

    Also, oh my gosh, pants that fall down on the run. THE. WORST. That has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to running. My shorts never have trouble staying up! Why is it so much to ask of my cold-weather gear?! (To be fair, most of my tights are fine in that department. My fanciest pair of capris, however, are not, which makes me dread running in 40-50 degree weather, knowing I'll be tugging at my pants at every stop light. So frustrating!)