Spring Half Marathon Training 2018 - Week 4

This week was a stepback week since it was race week! I definitely enjoyed the decrease in volume, although I didn't feel like I had any more time throughout the week than I usually do (how does that work?). My weekday runs ended up feeling worse than my runs have felt in a while, and I started getting sick on Friday, so any confidence I had managed to build up about the Central Park Half kind of dissipated by the weekend. I pounded cold medicine all weekend and woke up on Sunday feeling faily normal, and I ended up having a pretty great race on a pretty tough day on a pretty hard course. It ended up being exactly the comeback race I had been hoping for.

Monday 2/19 - 1 hour Zwift ride (16 miles)

Tuesday 2/20 - 8.5 mile interval run @ 8:44
  • 3x10 min intervals @ 7:40-7:50 goal pace 
  • Actual 7:31, 7:35, 7:42
These intervals were tough today! I think knowing I had 3 of them to do scared me a little - I did 2 10-minute intervals a few weeks ago and that felt a lot less scary. The first one was okay and I even felt like I was holding back a little, then the second one was much harder, and then third one was just killer. I had to slow down at a couple points to collect myself but I didn't stop or give up!

Wednesday 2/21 - Rest

So thankful for this rare mid-week rest day! I <3 race week!

Thursday 2/22 - 5 mile easy run @ 9:09

I had an appointment after work so I ran in the morning for the first time in months. My legs felt super tight and super heavy! I got a standing desk at work this week so attributing some of how this felt to adjusting to that.

Friday 2/23 - 3 mile easy run @ 10:40

I started feeling sick today and was on the fence about running, but I felt like I might be up to giving it a shot after work. My stomach ended up feeling really terrible (I think from the cold meds) and this was miserable, but I stuck it out for 3 miles!

Saturday 2/24 - Rest (Drove to NYC)

Sunday 2/25 - Central Park Half Marathon - 13.1 miles @ 8:37

This was a tough race for myriad reasons, but it was the best half I have run - mentally and physically - in a while, and for that I am really proud and thankful. Not a PR by a long shot, but my goal was to come in between 1:50 and 1:55 and I finished in 1:52:48, so almost right smack in the middle of my goal range. I'm still adjusting to the fact that I am going to have to work hard just to get back to where I was pre-IM, but this was definitely a step in the right direction. Full recap to come.


  1. Congrats on your goal-range half marathon! I briefly ran in Central Park when I went to New York in October and thought it was SO pretty - running a race there sounds like a real treat!

  2. Great week! I stumbled on your blog by reading old Shamrock marathon recaps from last year (one of my favorite things to do to get ready for race day) and noticed you're doing the half there and in NJ this year — I'm doing the full both at Shamrock and NJ this year! I look forward to reading the rest of your training over the next few weeks.