Spring Half Marathon Training 2018 - Week 5

Well, this week did not go at all as planned! When I started getting sick last week my sole focus was making it through the race healthy(ish), and I was fortunately able to do that, but I was still sick for most of the week following the race. I had to skip one of my workouts completely, significantly shorten another one, and therefore lower my planned mileage substantially. It's definitely frustrating, but considering that my spring goals are things I am aspiring to and not necessarily hellbent on hitting,  I'm not as stressed over this setback as I would normally be. It was a weird week for a lot of reasons, but I'm finally feeling almost back to normal so I'm ready to move on from this crappy week!

Monday 2/26 - Rest

Tuesday 2/27 - 6 mile easy run @ 9:23

I ended up needing to make a quick trip to Virginia Beach today, so I was able to sneak in an hour-long run on the boardwalk! It was in the 50s and sunny and just perfect out.

Wednesday 2/28 - 9 mile interval run Unplanned Rest Day

I was still feeling pretty run down from my cold and from traveling the last few days, so I texted Katie to ask for her advice. She told me to just scrap my workout for the day, get some rest, and try to get back on track tomorrow, so that's what I did.

Thursday 3/1 - 5 mile easy run @ 9:46

Friday 3/2 - 10 4 mile interval run @ 8:51
  • 3x1 mile intervals @ 7:40, 2x1 mile intervals @ 7:40
  • Actual: 1 mile @ 7:49, 1 mile @ 8:00ish with a walk break
I will admit that this workout scared and intimidated me from the second I read it on my plan for this week, and that certainly factored in to why I wasn't able to do it. On top of that, I was still feeling a little sick and in general feeling off due to my schedule this week being all out of whack for a variety of reasons. We had 50mph winds today with gusts up to 70mph, so I reluctantly took this one to the treadmill. I was determined to get through it, I really was, but it just wasn't happening. I made it through 2 intervals but things were going downhill quickly, so I stopped. This is the third or fourth time recently that I've tried to do my speedwork on the treadmill and it's been a total disaster every time. I wish I hadn't been basically forced to do it that way today and wondered if maybe I should have just taken my chances in the bomb cyclone. In the future I think I will try harder to figure out a different solution that doesn't involve spending 90 minutes on the treadmill on a Friday night since I just don't think that's going to work for me. 

Saturday 3/3 - Strength training

Sunday 3/4 - 10.5 miles @ 9:29

This was the kind of long run that just...was. Not good, not bad, nothing really special to report. It was still pretty windy and my legs were really sore from my workout yesterday so 10 easy miles felt harder than normal. Just one of those days.

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  1. Even though your treadmill speedwork didn't go as planned, I can't say I blame you for at least trying to do it inside instead of outside - 70 mph gusts are no joke! It seems like just trying to walk in those kind of conditions would require the same amount of effort as speedwork, haha. That being said, oh my gosh, you were supposed to do TEN MILES of intervals?! *picks jaw up off ground* I'd be intimidated by that, too!